It’s All about the Writing

Writing has had a tremendous effect on people ever since the first printing press back around 1439. As the song says, however, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” With the arrival of the Internet and its spawn (i.e., mobile phones, Kindles, iPads) the written word has never been more important or more influential.

Words are everywhere. As of today (Saturday, 12 October 2013), the number of indexed pages on the Web is 3.74 billion pages.  We think you’d agree that is a big number. We think you’d agree too that there is a reason for this.

Writing is important

Writing transmits ideas. It tells stories. It explains complex subjects. It offers insights. It persuades us.  It pleases us and it dismays us. We could go on but you get the idea.

VerveWrite is about writing that can help you

We focus on ghostwriting (i.e., books, opinion pieces, ebooks, and magazine articles) and white papers. We do that because that’s what we’re most interested in writing. That’s where we think we, as writers, can be most effective for you.

Why don’t you look around our web site?  If you like what you see, perhaps we can work together on a project.

The next step

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