Good business writing is clear writing

Good business writing is writing that is clear and easy to understand. This is a rule that always was and always will be. If you’re in business and you don’t consciously follow that rule, you’re looking for trouble. Trouble you might easily avoid.

Here are some reasons for you to consider why clear writing is a worthy investment of your time and treasure.

Saves time and money

Good business writing saves you time and money as soon as you start to use it. Think about the writing you see every day. How often do you come across something that you immediately understand?

If you see it, read it, and then have to read it again to understand the message, you’re wasting time and that means you’re wasting money. Especially, if you still don’t get it!

Ever stop and think why this phenomenon exists?

It’s exists because most people think they can write well enough to be easily understood. And that’s true to a certain degree. You can write a note to your son’s teacher without too much effort. You certainly are no slouch when it comes to emailing.

But what about writing a white paper or sales letter? Would you still approach that task with the same casualness that you do your every day communications?

Unbelievably, many people do, fully confident in their writing ability. Unfortunately, their confidence can be mistaken. And when their effort doesn’t produce the desired result, they rarely consider that their writing ability might be the problem.

The truth is good writing takes a lot of effort.

Shows concern for your customer

Clear writing shows that you care for your customer. You know that there are other businesses like yours in town. And you’re all competing for the same target market.

One way to show how different your business is from the rest is by the quality your business writing. You show your concern for your customers by anticipating every possible question they could have about your product or service.

Then you make sure you answer those questions where ever appropriate in your customer-facing copywriting and documentation. And you do it with writing that is eminently understandable.

Sends Precise Messages

Good business copywriting can transmit the exact message you want to send. Not something that’s almost what you mean, but precisely what you mean.

That’s a very powerful tool.

How often do you create marketing collateral that just doesn’t do what you expect it to? How many meetings have you participated in that came up with good ideas that failed in the execution phase?

Clear writing helps pull your good ideas from the thought plane to the reality plane. Where they can do exactly what you want them to do.

Makes it easy to find information

Can customers or employees find the information they want on your web site? If you design your site with clear writing principles, they will.

I recently wanted to buy a piece of jewelry for my wife. I had noticed it in a local store but when I went back for it, it was gone. No matter, I thought, I’ll look online. I went straight to the (well-known) jewelry site and spent almost an hour trying to locate the piece without success. Was I burned about the time I was wasting? You bet.

I found that jewelry on another site within a minute. That is a site I’ve bookmarked and returned to for other items.

Good business writing helps you stand out

With clear and easy to read marketing collateral and customer documentation, you set your business apart. Customers know and appreciate the fact that you make it easy for them to find the information they need.

While they might not consciously understand why they enjoy your web site, mailings, or catalogs, the truth is that it’s because your good business writing has made their experience rewarding and easy.

Who wouldn’t like that?

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