A Ghostwriter Can Help You Stand Out

In today’s communications blizzard, a ghostwriter can help you stand out.

Look around at all the ways to communicate. There are emails, websites, Twitters, Google+, Facebook, with new ways appearing almost daily.  The result is so much noise that it’s very difficult to make yourself heard.

That may be why you are considering a ghostwriter. You realize that an article, opinion piece, or  book written in your name can go a long way towards helping you:

  • Attract customers – people like to do business with people they trust; books or articles in your name make you a knowledgeable, trustworthy expert.
  • Establish your credibility as an authority – think of the authorities in your field; chances are they’ve written books
  • Gain media attention – when one of us wrote a book about property taxes, CNN called about a TV appearance as an expert on the subject
  • Launch a business – the buzz an article or book produces can jump start your business
  • Promote an idea or cause – books have changed the world time and again; can your book make a difference in people’s lives?

You’ve probably been kicking around the idea of writing for a while. Perhaps you can’t find the time to write or you don’t like to write. Whatever the reason, however, the idea of writing a book or feature article won’t go away.

VerveWrite Ghostwriting Services

We can help you with:

  • Book  writing – a book can earn you money and establish your reputation as an authority.
  • Book rewriting/restructuring – you may be too close to the information in your book to see how a basic rewrite or restructure of your material can bring it to life. We can help.
  • Opinion pieces – an articulate opinion piece lets people know where you stand on an issue.

Writing is about communicating in a way that makes it impossible for a reader to misunderstand your words. Isn’t that what you’re looking for in a ghostwriter? Especially since you’re going to be listed as author?

The next step

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