FAQs about ghostwriting

FAQs about Ghostwriting

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about our ghostwriting services.

How long will it take to complete my project?

It depends on the project. We’ll give you an estimate.


How do you work with a client?

We  work through email, phone, and with Dropbox. That saves us both time and money.

We first discuss your objectives. You give us an overview of the assignment. After we understand the scope of your project, we’ll present you with a proposal. After you accept, we agree on a purchase order or contract.

Then you provide the information we need to complete the project. If you lack sufficient source material, we’ll do additional research but you will pay top rate.

For a book, we’ll create a preliminary book proposal so we can agree on the book’s organization. This will provide the basis for an actual book proposal to a publisher.

For a magazine article, we’ll structure the article as well using the format of a feature article query.


My book is 90% complete; can’t you just do an edit?

It could be that your book is in fine shape, and if so, you might try writing a proposal and submitting it to a publisher.

In my experience, while many people believe they can write at a professional level, that’s not often the case. If I receive your work and it’s in good shape, I’ll be happy to do a content edit at a reduced rate.


How do I oversee your progress?

For a book, we provide updated drafts at weekly intervals. For a feature article, it depends on the project.


Can you guarantee my book or article will sell?

No, we cannot do that. However, we can guarantee you’ll get a professional project that will have a better than most chance at success.


Can you help me with marketing?

For a book, you’ll need to find a publisher or agent. However, we’ll write a book proposal that you can use for a publisher or agent.

For articles, you’ll need to identify your target publications. We’ll write a query to the magazine editor.
Both of these services come free with any project.

For e-books that you want to sell on your web site, you’ll need to find someone to write your web copy. For Kindle, simply follow the instructions at the Kindle Author’s area.


Who owns any work you do for me?

We own the rights until all bills are paid. Then you take ownership. This is part of our standard agreement.


What are your payment terms?

Please see Terms.


How do you accept payment?

Please see Terms.


Will you sign confidentiality agreement?