How We Work Together on a Writing Project

Here’s how we work together on a writing project:


  • We work on a per-project basis where we receive 1/2 of the project fee at the start of a project and the remaining 1/2 of the project fee upon completion of the project.
  • We write based on material that you provide. Alternatively, you can give us some rough guidelines and we’ll write the content but you must approve what we write.
  • We present you with a standard client agreement that includes the agreed upon fee.
  • There are no additional charges other than those agreed to in the standard client agreement.
  • We provide you with drafts to evaluate as agreed to in the standard client agreement.
  • We sign your any Non-Disclosure Agreement you may have.
  • We own all rights to my work until the project is completed and we’ve received full payment.  Then you own the rights.
  • When you are ready to start, we’ll send you an invoice. You can pay via PayPal or by check. As soon as we receive payment, we start work.


  • You provide sufficient information about your project.
  • You pay us either with company checks or we can electronically invoice you through PayPal. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use your Visa or MasterCard credit card to pay our invoice.
  • You allow us to ask questions as necessary, by either phone or email.
  • You review our drafts at regular intervals. This ensures that your project is moving in the right direction.
  • You ensure that your reviews are timely and thorough.
  • If you are in agreement with our proposal of work, we agree to the terms of work using a standard contract (yours or mine).

Our normal hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern, Mondays – Fridays.

The next step

To contact us about a possible project or to offer a comment or suggestion, go to our Contact page.