White Paper Proof Structure

The white paper proof structure provides the framework for you to persuade your readers that you understand their problems and can help solve them. Proof structure simply means using basic structural writing elements within a white paper to arrange your evidence and facts (i.e., your proof) in a logical, compelling, and persuasive manner.

If you want your white paper to be successful, you must use a proof structure.

Structural elements of a white paper proof structure

The basic structural element of any proof structure is a paragraph that starts with a topic sentence that describes what you intend to prove and additional sentences that provide proof.

The overall structure for a white paper (or any larger piece of writing like a magazine article or a book) is simply some number of paragraphs with topic sentences.

The first paragraph includes the thesis sentence that states what you intend to prove. You then include additional paragraphs that provide the proof. You arrange the paragraphs in a way that is logical, compelling, and persuasive

A white paper proof structure (thesis sentence and proof paragraphs) and its supporting proof paragraphs (topic sentences and supporting sentences) have similar structures. Experienced writers use proof structures automatically. Otherwise, they would never have become experienced writers.

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